Dark Necessities Aura

What makes the sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers its sound?

Something Stranger

Netflix turns the world Upside Down.

All American

It’s a blistering Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama, a town set further ablaze by football rivalries sweeping across town. Yet here I sit, in air-conditioned comfort, oblivious to all things pigskin save that certain knowledge that if I choose to go to Publix on a Saturday afternoon between now and—what, early December?—I’ll have the run of the place.

A New Wave of Industrial Urbanism

Railroad Park and the Rotary Trail evoke a storied past.

St. Bernard

One finicky Gospel organist, D flat major, and some life lessons.

By Phillip Ratliff

Headed Home

It’s 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta, and I’m crawling along I-285, a brutal stretch of asphalt recently named the deadliest interstate in America.

Dwelling in Possibility

Artist Lesley Dill brings her Dickinson- inspired art to Birmingham.

Remembering Thornton Dial

Thornton Dial, the self-taught visual artist who rose from humble roots in Emelle, Alabama, to international stardom, passed away last month at the age of 87.

Her Name Was Abby

I was standing at the corner of Third Avenue North and 18th Street when I first laid eyes on the lower half of the person who would become my wife.


Although I’m an Adonis now, five years ago, my weight had maxed at a gargantuan 190 pounds. At 5’8” and an ideal weight of about 150, the extra 40 pounds had nowhere to go but out.

The War on Advent

It’s a muggy day in early November, my hair is bushy, and I’m sitting in the barber’s chair in downtown Homewood seeking some relief from what is starting to feel like a mound of hot linguine on my head.