Dwelling in Possibility

Artist Lesley Dill brings her Dickinson- inspired art to Birmingham.

Remembering Thornton Dial

Thornton Dial, the self-taught visual artist who rose from humble roots in Emelle, Alabama, to international stardom, passed away last month at the age of 87.

Her Name Was Abby

I was standing at the corner of Third Avenue North and 18th Street when I first laid eyes on the lower half of the person who would become my wife.


Although I’m an Adonis now, five years ago, my weight had maxed at a gargantuan 190 pounds. At 5’8” and an ideal weight of about 150, the extra 40 pounds had nowhere to go but out.

The War on Advent

It’s a muggy day in early November, my hair is bushy, and I’m sitting in the barber’s chair in downtown Homewood seeking some relief from what is starting to feel like a mound of hot linguine on my head.


It was Friday and traffic coming out of Atlanta was baking in the late afternoon sun. Spent from workday tedium, I reached for my iPhone and fumbled for music.

Hometown Hero

Birmingham native Dr. Patrick Evans returns to his hometown as UAB music department chair.

Celebrate the Spiritual

Kathleen Battle brings Underground Railroad to the Alys Stephens Center.

Farewell, Bonner

A tribute—and gratitude—to Bonner Wagnon.


In Birmingham’s contemporary music scene, Craig Hultgren and improvisation have become synonymous terms.

It’s Elementary

What if Sherlock Holmes was a woman?