By the Warm Glow of Netflix

Recently, Netflix, convinced that I like sharks and laughing, determined I should watch Sharknado 2. I am happy to report that the Netflixian algorithm scored a direct hit.

Champion Critic

Michael Huebner keeps arts coverage alive.

More than a Roots Man

Roots music enthusiasts and film buffs alike know Bobby Horton for his work with documentarian Ken Burns. My first venture with Horton was a bit more abstract.

Piano Prodigy

Though 19-year old pianist Aleksandra Kasman has eclectic musical tastes, it’s the Russian composers that top her list of favorites. “My mom says that I must love Prokofiev’s music because when she was pregnant with me, my dad was working on the second set of Prokofiev’s sonatas to finish his project of recording all of them on CD,” Kasman says.

Lessons in the Human Experience

For the next several weeks I will travel to Atlanta on Saturdays to Marist High School. This isn’t a Billy Madison situation. The purpose of my visit is to explore a topic I have always found as fascinating as music, theater, and dance.

Madam and Humanitarian

The story of Birmingham madam-turned-humanitarian Louise Wooster never ceases to fascinate the Magic City.

Cutting-Edge Conductor

Surely Maestro Christopher Confessore is the city’s most enthusiastically versatile conductor. From the podium, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra resident conductor has embraced all manner of music, from abstract contemporary orchestral scores to backup charts for the various pop acts and tribute shows that roll through town.

Etched in Stone

“I majored in music with the intention of singing light opera professionally. Because a cute guy invited me to see the pieces he was making in his ceramics class in the art building, I switched to a fine arts major and the rest is ceramic history.”

Growing by Leaps

Children’s Dance Foundation embraces a new artistic director and a new direction.

Shall We Dance?

This September, Alvey and the Alabama Ballet hope to engage a special thrill-seeking segment of their public with their annual At Home performance.

Night Scenes

Composer Ed Robertson arrived in Alabama in 1971, carting his belongings in a U-haul truck. Among his possessions was a freshly minted diploma from the Florida State University School of Music.