Two in the Hand(made)

Elaine Kinnaird and Missy Litton. Written by Brett Levine // Photography by Beau Gustafson When people speak of artists’ collaborations, they usually understand this to mean a partnership first, then the creation of work. For artists Elaine Kinnaird and Missy Litton, it was a mutual affinity for the other’s work, as much as a shared respect for… Read More

Beyond the Chance Encounter

Thinking through cultural experiences in Birmingham.
Written by Brett Levine // Photography by Mindi Shapiro

Andre Natta: Telling Cities’ Stories.

Written by Brett Levine // Photography by Beau Gustafson

Louise Abroms

Special Things.

Pete Schulte

Drawing from the Edges in the Middle

Alison Miksch

Capturing the Light

Space Explorations

Jessica Angel’s Creative Journey

Wry Visual Delights

The work of Sara Garden Armstrong.

Patty B. Driscoll

Small Leaps of Paint

Mitch Caponetto

Swimming in the rhythm of life.

Jürgen Tarrasch: Master of Plaster

Best known as a fine artist, many in the city would be astounded to know that Jürgen Tarrasch is in fact a master in the restoration of frescoes, decorative plasterwork. And that’s just what skill set he is bringing to the restoration and conservation of the Thomas Jefferson Tower.