Wry Visual Delights

The work of Sara Garden Armstrong.

Patty B. Driscoll

Small Leaps of Paint

Mitch Caponetto

Swimming in the rhythm of life.

Jürgen Tarrasch: Master of Plaster

Best known as a fine artist, many in the city would be astounded to know that Jürgen Tarrasch is in fact a master in the restoration of frescoes, decorative plasterwork. And that’s just what skill set he is bringing to the restoration and conservation of the Thomas Jefferson Tower.

DJ Rocko Makes You Move

You might call it a fortuitous accident, or a mistake, but the way Tony Rodio tells it you’ll just laugh.

Shredding The Past: Meet Lisa Marie Michitti

“Why do you spend so much time on art that is so ugly?” This is not a question you would expect to hear, but artist and educator Lisa Michitti once did—from a student—and she saw it as a teaching opportunity.

Claire Cormany: Strokes of Summer Joy

A self-described “coastal girl,” Claire Cormany’s artwork is influenced by the surf, the sea, and the sand.

DJ Steve Casey Spins Reggae

For Birmingham-based record collector and DJ Steve Casey, reggae music has always been a labor of love.

Get Your Fix

Sea Fix

Written By Brett Levine
Photo by Beau Gustafson

The Art of It All

In performance art there is always an element of the unexpected, and for artist Jenny Fine, this is quite all right with her.

Jamorris Rivers

For dancer and choreographer Jamorris Rivers, you could say creativity is all about inspiration—and his inspiration comes from a diverse range of sources.