The Art of It All

In performance art there is always an element of the unexpected, and for artist Jenny Fine, this is quite all right with her.

Jamorris Rivers

For dancer and choreographer Jamorris Rivers, you could say creativity is all about inspiration—and his inspiration comes from a diverse range of sources.

Celeste Pfau

When she’s not painting, drawing, making prints, or designing jewelry (among other art forms), Pfau teaches as a summer camp instructor at Space One Eleven.

Sarah Heath

Four years ago, just out of graduate school, Birmingham-based artist and sculptor Sarah Heath graced the cover of this magazine as part of a story about the challenges facing recent college graduates.

Amy Soverow

Glass artist Amy Soverow has collaborated on pieces that adorn the restored Lyric Theatre, St. Vincent’s East, and UAB Hospital.

Doug Barrett

“I was 42 years old, and I had worked in advertising for 20 years,” Barrett says, “when the idea of going to graduate school actually seemed a possibility.”

Brian C. Moon

For Brian C. Moon, president of the Birmingham Art Music Alliance (BAMA), defining “art music” is actually quite straightforward.

Lindsey Reynolds

“You are either an access librarian or a preservation librarian,” she says. “I can’t think of anything better than a book being used to death.”

Branan Mercer

“I just call these vessels,” he says, “because you can put anything in a vessel.”


For drum customizer, rebuilder, and, at times, custom builder Matt Brennan, every old drum shell is an opportunity.

The Golden Biscuit

Becky Stayner is the founder, designer, and maker of a collection of handmade bags produced by her Biscuit Leather Company.