Holiday Attire Do’s & Don’ts

How to accessorize and sequin-ize this season.

Style Icon: Alchemy 213

Count this stylist among those impressed with Birmingham’s newest men’s boutique.

10 Pantone Colors to Wear This Fall

Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appear throughout the Pantone collections this fall.

Fall Looks: Wear Now, Wear Later

Try these pairings to transition into Alabama fall.

Confessions of a Stylist: 5 Myths, Busted

One of the things I set out to do when beginning my career as a wardrobe stylist almost 16 years ago was to dispel the myth that a stylist was a luxury only afforded by celebrities or wealthy people.

Style Icon: Arlene Goldstein

“One of the joys of my career has been to meet and support so many diverse and talented people,” Goldstein says. “Those faces and personalities are etched in my memories forever.”

Style Icon: Father’s Day Edition

Bob Mitchell, CEO of Odyssey Early Schools Inc. & Father

Written and styled by Tracy James
Photography by Chuck St. John

Style Icon: Whitney Carr

Expecting moms who do it well, casting aside the archaic and simplistic practice of merely tenting the bump, deserve props.

Style Icon: William McLure

“It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission,” or so the saying goes. That’s the spirit 32-year-old artist William McLure banked on when surreptitiously redecorating his Southside flat.

Style Icon: David Bibbs

Upon meeting in person the spectacled, bowtied, and slim-framed Bibbs, a music major who identifies himself as a hip-hop artist, one cannot help but be reminded of Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Style Icon: Heather & Steven Allen Jr.

Each February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Style Icon features a couple worthy of the title.