Style Icon: Father’s Day Edition

Bob Mitchell, CEO of Odyssey Early Schools Inc. & Father

Written and styled by Tracy James
Photography by Chuck St. John

Style Icon: Whitney Carr

Expecting moms who do it well, casting aside the archaic and simplistic practice of merely tenting the bump, deserve props.

Style Icon: William McLure

“It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission,” or so the saying goes. That’s the spirit 32-year-old artist William McLure banked on when surreptitiously redecorating his Southside flat.

Style Icon: David Bibbs

Upon meeting in person the spectacled, bowtied, and slim-framed Bibbs, a music major who identifies himself as a hip-hop artist, one cannot help but be reminded of Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Style Icon: Heather & Steven Allen Jr.

Each February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Style Icon features a couple worthy of the title.

Style Icon: Jennifer Dent

“I believe in getting dressed for the day, just like I believe in a handwritten note,” she says. “Admittedly it’s really for the happiness it gives me, not for other people.”

Style Icon: Whitney Johnson

“There is so much style in Birmingham. People take so much pride in their homes, their yards, their everyday appearances.”

Style Icon: Wendy Garner

You may recognize this month’s Style Icon from her two decades in broadcast journalism, most recently as the host of NBC-13’s Daytime Alabama.

Style Icon: Jeff Tenner

“The fashion industry can be a pretty superficial place to live,” says Jeff Tenner, reflecting upon his years as co-owner of Soca Clothing.

Betty Knight and Elizabeth Hubbard

Philanthropists Knight and Hubbard clearly have a legacy of both style and giving. To quote another author, Amelia Barr, “Kindness is always stylish.”

Style Icon: Lucy Farmer

When asked to describe her personal style, interiors and jewelry designer Lucy Farmer points to her newly built house as an illustration of her overall aesthetic.