The Journey

The Game Plan

Make the rules for your home team.

Learning to Fly

Lessons on leaving the nest.

Three Rules to Follow

Follow a simple, trusted plan

The Joneses

Are you just keeping up or are you keeping true?

Your Mission

What drives you through your day?

The Man in the Mirror

Be a reflection of your best self.

Roll Away Your Stone

Putting things back together.

Becoming a Giant

The unshakable and unmistakable characteristics we can choose to possess.

Sweet Dreams

Creating a place where a child rests easy.

Twenty-first Century Manners

Holding open a door can be a difference-maker.

The Ripple Effect: How Many Will Be Impacted By Your Actions?

Because we started Big Oak Ranch over 40 years ago, we now not only get to meet children of our former residents, but we also get to meet their grandchildren.