The Journey

Twenty-first Century Manners

Holding open a door can be a difference-maker.

The Ripple Effect: How Many Will Be Impacted By Your Actions?

Because we started Big Oak Ranch over 40 years ago, we now not only get to meet children of our former residents, but we also get to meet their grandchildren.

What’s Most Important to You? Part Two

Do your children understand that it’s them?

What’s Most Important to You?

Do your children understand that it’s them?

By John Croyle

Piece by Piece

What we can learn from Kelly Clarkson.

The Most Important Thing

You cannot fool your child. They know how you feel about them simply by the way you treat them, their siblings, and their friends.

The Heart of Discipline

I believe that if you focus on the relationship, it will improve your ability to pick and choose your battles with your child.

Shifting Your View

Sometimes have to just stop and honestly examine ourselves to see if we are “ignoring” what really matters, and just doing what feels good to us in the moment.

The Childhood Chapters

Recently, I spoke at a church outside of Birmingham. As I pulled in the driveway and got out of my car, I heard a young woman’s voice behind me: “Hey, Mr. John.”

Don’t Abandon Ship

What we can learn from the Syrian boy who captured the world’s attention.

The Most Important Time

Are you making plans in regards to family time? If not, don’t expect it to just happen.