The Journey

Shifting Your View

Sometimes have to just stop and honestly examine ourselves to see if we are “ignoring” what really matters, and just doing what feels good to us in the moment.

The Childhood Chapters

Recently, I spoke at a church outside of Birmingham. As I pulled in the driveway and got out of my car, I heard a young woman’s voice behind me: “Hey, Mr. John.”

Don’t Abandon Ship

What we can learn from the Syrian boy who captured the world’s attention.

The Most Important Time

Are you making plans in regards to family time? If not, don’t expect it to just happen.

Every Day is Game Day

When you’re a parent, there are no off days.

Never Giving Up on You

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t be good enough for God to love you more, nor can you be bad enough for him to love you less?”

Mending Fences

Maybe there is someone in your life that you have checked off your list, thinking that they have done the same with you. I’ve got one question: What if you are wrong?

From the Master’s Hand

Each little girl is a one-of-a-kind of creation—does your daughter know it?


How you can be a good parent even when it feels like you’re drowning.

Let Go

If you live in Alabama or have driven on our highways, you know that there is a church on almost every other corner. Most have a sign out front with some clever quote or saying that is meant to help us down this sometimes-hard road called life.

Train Up a Child

Now that we are well into 2015, I want to challenge you with a few questions. What character traits do you want to build into your family, especially your children? What specific goals and plans have you lain out to make that happen?