Women's Business

October is the New January!

In October of 2012 I made some decisions to transition my offerings and do more of the things that I wanted to do versus the things I was just doing for money. When I first made the decision to make some changes, my mindset was: “Okay, when the New Year starts, I’m going to put my plan into place.”

Search Engine Optimization

To Get More Business You Need to Show Up By Tammy Hawk–Bridges   The Internet is an amazing opportunity for every business—some more than others—but every business needs to be on board. However, very few take the time to learn its value. Do you know where you fall in the search for your business category?… Read More

The World Has Changed. Have You?

Packaging information in the digital age. By Tammy Hawk–Bridges   Post-recession, doing business is a little tougher. It’s not rocket science that selling your product or service has been more of a challenge. Potential clients are scrutinizing every purchase and more than ever want the lowest price, even if it compromises value. Just about everyone… Read More

Rotten Milk

The Case for Failure By Tammy Hawk–Bridges I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid, and I didn’t realize growing up that my papa was giving me some of the best business advice I’d ever receive. The impact of his words in my life and in my business today is huge. One… Read More

First Comes Clarity

What you see is what you get. By Tammy Hawk–Bridges My first entrepreneurial attempt failed. It failed for a few reasons, Firstly, because I didn’t understand marketing, Internet marketing to be more precise. Secondly, I worked hard all day—long and aimlessly—without a plan, a goal, or any type of structure. I can remember a time… Read More