Write Like a Girl

Run Like a Girl

And dream like one, too.

By Javacia Harris Bowser

Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham

Social media may have saved Mary-Berkley Gaines’s life. About four years ago, she was at low point in her life.

To Understand the World

Why Ashley M. Jones writes poetry.

I Contain Multitudes

Sometimes I feel as if I’m caught in a love triangle—writing and teaching both tugging at my heart.

How to Turn 35

When you turn 35, you must celebrate all month long. When you turn 35, you must celebrate first with a look back. You will discover that 34 was quite the year.

Resolutions for Women Who Write

This year, resolve to write and to live a life worth writing about. Resolve to dream big.

Confessions of a Goal Digger

I am a dreamer, a dreamer with goals galore. You can call me a “goal digger” if you’d like. I even have the T-shirt.

I Teach Like a Girl, Too

I have a coffee mug that reads “Teacher by day, Blogger by night” and that’s a pretty accurate description of who I am and what I do.

How to Write Like a Girl

This summer I declared on my personal blog that I had forgotten how to write like a girl.

Blogging: A Love Story

In 2008, I fell in love. But this isn’t your typical “girl meets boy” kind of story. This is a tale of “girl meets blog.”

Be a (Confident) Lady

The world needs to see you love yourself. When the people around you see you love your body regardless of its shape or size, love your face without makeup, love your hair no matter how frizzy it is, you inspire them to love themselves unconditionally, too.