Write Like a Girl

My 2017 Birmingham Bucket List

What’s on your list?

Writing Yourself Back Together Again

A Birmingham-based poet shares the healing power of writing.

Fat Girl Power

One Birmingham-based writer and blogger wants to change your opinion of the f-word.

Identity Essentials

Why I won’t shut up about being a girl or being black.

A Change in Race: Randi Pink’s Into White

The new novel draws inspiration from its author’s time at a predominantly white high school.

Text and The City

A big city blogger falls for Birmingham.

More Than a Pillar of Salt

A look at T.K. Thorne’s new book, Angels at the Gate. By Javacia Harris Bowser As a girl growing up in church, I always wanted to know more about Lot’s wife, the biblical character known only as the woman who was turned into a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom as it… Read More

Run Like a Girl

And dream like one, too.

By Javacia Harris Bowser

Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham

Social media may have saved Mary-Berkley Gaines’s life. About four years ago, she was at low point in her life.

To Understand the World

Why Ashley M. Jones writes poetry.

I Contain Multitudes

Sometimes I feel as if I’m caught in a love triangle—writing and teaching both tugging at my heart.