Charlie Smith

Creator/Producer: Lindsay Garrett
Photographer: Kelly Steffey
Hair: MaryJane Clements Wahl
Makeup: Lindsay Garrett
Wardrobe: Maacah Davis
Videographer: Katie Gaiser and John Gaiser
Location: Saturn Birmingham

Special Thanks to Brian Scott Teasley and The Bowery Presents


Some of the biggest movements often begin in the quietest and most overlooked spaces. This woman has been creating and perpetuating music behind the scenes for more than a decade in the Magic City. Her desire to make waves came in 2002 when she attended her first show at Cave 9, which was a DIY space for the underground music scene in Birmingham at that time. She became a regular attendee of the indie, punk, and hardcore shows, and as the scene grew, her role evolved from simple music fan to a significant facilitator.

She has emerged as a promoter and tour manager for acts such as Man or Astro-Man?, King Khan & the Shrines, Coliseum, and St. Paul & the Broken Bones, to name a few. Having the opportunity to travel the world with some of these notable acts, she took on challenges and created for herself a unique, influential place in our music history. She has paved the way and opened doors for many who desire to be involved in the arts in a less conventional way.

Not only has Charlie been crucial in fostering the local scene at venues including the legendary Bottletree, but she has been on board with assisting in the development of noteworthy festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Shaky Knees. Spring of 2015 ushers in an epic evolution in the Birmingham music scene, and she is an understated cornerstone of this movement.

This month, Charlie begins her current adventure with the opening of Saturn Birmingham, a new venue brought to Birmingham by a partnership between the world-renowned musician Brian Scott Teasley and The Bowery Presents. If you don’t recognize Charlie yet, it is because her strength lies in creating and amplifying momentous waves below the surface of the scene. Charlie Smith continues to be instrumental in the rise of Birmingham as a nationally recognized musical hub, and this is why we believe she is Birmingfamous.

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