Photography by Eric Dejuan
Earrings designed by Yogi Dada
Models: Asia Sullivan, Jasmine Analyse, Rebecca Tate, Gabrielle Morris
Artist Assistant: Stephanie George
Makeup Artist: Latoya Eaton
Hair: Kira Fornest

About the Artist: Birmingham-based jewelry maker Yogi Dada, whose talents expand across a spectrum of creative mediums, lives by a motto: “Art is truly whatever you believe it is.” But take one look at her signature Yogi Dada earrings—available in spectacular large designs (“ear bangers”), smaller posts (“diddies”), and custom designs, and who could question the artistry? They are joy in the form of jewelry, bursts of light on dreary day. Ranging from $35 to $100 and up depending on size and design, all Yogi Dada earrings come with a certificate of authenticity and can be purchased at





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