Josh Eats: Cookies and Cream


Written by Josh Byers
Photography by Beau Gustafson

With the holidays upon us and the thought of so many sweet treats to come, I thought a place that crafts their own cookies was the best spot to check out next. And if made-from-scratch cookies weren’t enough, Bendy’s Cookies also makes its own delectably smooth ice cream to go along with it. Warning: You may actually try to eat these pictures. I won’t judge.

Started in 2016, by Ben and Wendy Treadwell, or as their friends call them “Bendy,” Bendy’s Cookies and Cream truck has captured pure magic. A bite of one of their homemade ice cream sandwiches will transport you back in time to your kid self. Of course, I’ve already got some “kid at heart” tendencies, so just imagine how I felt trying them! And when they told me I could put vanilla ice cream and sprinkles in the middle of them, it made me
giggle inside.


My wife and I both agree they have what we consider the best Snickerdoodle either of us has ever had. The pretzel toffee cookie was a close second for me though.  Their assortment of ice creams is a tasty complement that adds to the whole experience. My favorite flavor was Cookie Butter, which I was lucky enough to try fresh out of the maker. I could probably eat a bowl of their fresh cookie butter by itself.

Go to to learn more about them and find them on social media to see where they’ll be each week. Everything they have is delicious, and if you find their truck, just go ahead and ask for the whole menu.



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