Cory Seals

Creator/Producer: Lindsay Garrett

Photographer: Brad Lovell

He toured the world with many well known acts, but he chose to settle down inside the magic of our city. This month’s Birmingfamous is dedicated to the memory of Cory Seals.


2 Responses to “Cory Seals”

  1. Pam Eckhoff says:

    Cory Seals, was a beautiful soul I met in Dothan, Al. He was 4 years old. His Brother and he grew to be best buddies with my children, which in time we all became family. We all moved to Pensacola, Florida.
    Later years Cory’s love for music led him to tour the country and meet many fans and friends. He made a impact everywhere he went.
    Cory is truly missed by all. His love for others, his caring heart and that beautiful smile.
    God Bless the Seals family. My best friend Sheri, Rocky, Travis, Samantha and Harper, I love you all.

  2. Harley Riordan says:

    Cory was and always will be my best friend. He loved his life and most of the people in it. I was so happy to see him move back to Birmingham Alabama and get his life on a positive track. He ventured back to Pensacola to visit me right before his passing. And didn’t leave without letting me know how important I was to him. As I assured him the same. I miss him more than anyone in my life. And this article hit hard. But makes me so stoked that he left a legacy.

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