Custom Cocktail

The Collins Bar mixes drinks to fit your flavor profile. 

By Jan Walsh    

Photography by Beau Gustafson


You won’t find a cocktail menu at Collins bar. What you will find instead is the periodic table hanging above the bar, along with paper airplanes and light fixtures shaped like atoms. And placed on the bar’s round white tables enveloped with black semi circular booths are typewriters for “texting” each other.

So what to order at this offbeat bar, found on Second Avenue North? On different nights of the week you will find different bartenders behind the bar, with each boasting a specialty style of his or her own. But rather than focusing on their own preferences, they focus on yours. Thus I was asked by bar manager Feizal Valli what type liquors and flavors I like.  “Not sweet cocktails. I like wine, sparkling wine, bourbon, and rum,” I replied. Valli then mixed his magic, concocting a bourbon and rummy cocktail served in a low ball with a large ice ball, to avoid a watery drink. This deeply layered, smooth drink was made especially for my palate, and it showed with each sip.

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