Cutest Baby 2018

Now it’s time for our top audience choice winners to get their magazine spread fame. To see all the contestants, check out the photo albums at Here are our winners


David “Anderson” (4 months)

Now four months big, Anderson weighs 17 pounds, has big strong hands with deep dimples, and three rolls on each thigh. Despite being hit hard by the teething bug, this drooly boy gives the sweetest grins. He loves baths and being outside. He still isn’t the best sleeper, but loves cooing and singing, and just started belly laughing. He is hoping to crawl soon so he can follow his big sister. She loves finding him every morning and saying “wake up bubby!” He has a head full of peach fuzz, with a few long hairs right on the top. He has brought so much love and joy to his family.


Tripp (6 months)

Edward Thomas, aka Tripp as he is called, is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. Tripp’s favorite pasttimes are lounging at the beach or the lake with a bottle in hand. His favorite things are bouncing in his jumper, screeching in delight and of course eating. He loves to smile and laugh at Mom and Dad and hang out with his four legged brother and sister.


Keeland (4 months)

Keeland is “Tank” to everyone who knows him. He loves watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and listening to music. Currently he is teething and trying to put everything in his mouth, sleeping throughout the night and reaching for different objects and people. He loves to laugh, talk and smile…only gets upset when he’s sleepy or hungry. Overall such a sweet happy baby who’s loved very much by family and others.


Huck (8 months old)

Huck has two teeth and loves to eat sweet potatoes, yogurt and puffs. He has the best belly laugh and thinks his big sister is hilarious. He enjoys bath time, army crawling, and playing with his family. He is a happy boy and his big smile can brighten anyone’s day!


Tanner (1 year old)

Tanner is a little girl who likes all sorts of food, and has been known to enjoy just about anything put in front of her. Her favorite toy is anything her brother is playing with, though they both have a favorite baby doll, which her brother named “Our Baby.” She is always trying to get people to pay attention to her. She is very friendly and flirtatious at the grocery store, trying to get people to notice her.

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