Date Night: The Atomic Lounge

Mid-century cool downtown.

The vibe at the Atomic Lounge is mid-century modern with a touch of ’70s kitsch, defining the style and aesthetic from the furniture all the way down to the cocktail culture. Owner Feizal Valli says, “There’s lots of nooks and crannies and different vibes depending on where you end up. It can be secluded and private or loud and crowded. There’s even a ‘jungle room’ complete with thunder and monkey sounds. Randomly, the place will fill with bubbles from our nine bubble machines. Also, we have a costume shop in the bar so you can dress up as a dragon or Elvis or a squirrel if you want to.  It’s…theatrical.”

The patrons add to the theatrical flair. The clientele is “pretty broad. Business people, bachelorette parties, first dates, divorced dads, German soccer teams, musicians, service industry people, Mountain Brook moms, the mayor, 21st birthdays, trans, gay and straight people. Broad,” says Feizal.

Among the signature elements in the bar is the Sgt. Pepper mural behind the bar. “We were trying to pay tribute to Birmingham so there’s a Sgt. Pepper’s mural with Birmingham characters in place of the originals. There’s a large Andy Warhol-style painting of some regulars, and the drinks on the menu are named after regulars.”

Signature Drinks

The Sex Panther. “It’s a variation of an Old Fashioned so it’s got a pretty broad appeal. That, and it comes with a temporary tattoo of a sex panther.”

Feizal Valli, owner of The Atomic Lounge, with wife Rachael Roberts.

The Atomic Lounge

Hours: Tuesday through Thursday  4 p.m. to 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

2113 1st Ave N  (205) 983-7887

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