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An intriguing blend of Victorian romance and creative gadgetry, Steampunk brings a brave new world of fashion to life with old world manners and a sci-fi perspective. Photography by Chuck St. John Photographer Chuck St. John has become increasingly intrigued with the Steampunk Movement, particularly as it relates to fashion, one of his photographic specialties…. Read More

One on One

People. Talking. Our conversation between Glenn Phillips and Del Davis centered on the idea of the connections between people and how those connections can become uncoupled. Phillips is a computer company executive; Davis a green and sustainable construction and community consultant. The connections were unexpected but inescapable. A long-time IT and computer services executive in… Read More

Echoes From The Mine…

Artifacts and Remnants from the city’s mining history by Meg McKinney It’s everywhere like kudzu. We  pass it by, and ignore it. We treat it with both respect and irreverence. We appreciate the efforts of others to preserve it, but only pay attention to it when it’s convenient to our busy schedules. “It” is our… Read More

The “A” List

the people who rose to the top in 2010 The men and women on our inaugural “A” List represent the region’s best hope: People who care, People who are good at what they do, People who are making this city feel great again. In the words of Birmingham’s sentimental graffiti artist, “You are beautiful.” Mayor… Read More