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A House in the hills

With 30 home renovations under his belt and a love for Birmingham’s historic neighborhoods, Tim Burt completes his latest project. By Mary Ellen Stancill,  Photos by Beau Gustafson Tim Burt’s love affair with Birmingham’s historic neighborhoods began when he was in high school. On weekend visits from his hometown of Anniston, Tim dreamed about the… Read More

Deb Karpman:

Nothing if Not Intimate By Brett Levine, Photo by Jerry Siegel Deb Karpman’s works are nothing if not intimate. Her small-scale collages explore the intersections between the handmade, the found object and the capacity to transform the familiar into the complex. “I like materials that are ubiquitous, throwaway, everyday objects,” she says. “I work with… Read More

One on One- May 2011

We put together an incredibly fashionable conversation for this month’s One on One. Lesley DeCastro, owner of Manhattan South, and Bryson Wilson, owner of  the  children’s clothing and maternity stores, Fireflies & Fairytales and The Swanky Stork, are women with a heightened sense of fashion and a smart head for business. Among other things, they… Read More