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Roll Tide Roll | I’ll Have a Blue Christmas | Battle of the Meat Eater and the Vegan

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Roll Tide Roll Dear Micah, I have a kinda unique problem.  My husband has gone Alabama football crazy.  We just moved to Birmingham this summer from Washington (the state not the capital).  He’s from Alabama and we moved to be closer to his family.  I never knew my husband to be so wild over football. … Read More

Presto Pesto

Monday, October 10th, 2011

La Dama’s chef Travis Wolfe demos a new neighborhood favorite. By Jan Walsh, Photography by Beau Gustafson In March 2011, Liberty Park’s La Dama Italian Bistro began afresh with new restaurateur, Dusty Leeming, and chef, Travis Wolfe. Marinara and pizza sauces are now made from scratch everyday using Wolfe’s own recipe. All fish is received… Read More

The Tale of the Bully | Job Switch | Stupidly Determined

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

The Tale of the Bully Dear Micah, What do you think I should do about a bully situation at my son’s school?  He is getting picked on and it’s a problem.  With all in the news right now about that poor boy that killed himself it’s made me afraid.  My son doesn’t talk about it… Read More

Bailey’s Best Bets

Friday, October 7th, 2011

For New York Fashion Week by Amy Lemley Bailey Each Fashion Week throws me into a world of runway theatrics, Anna Wintour sightings, and lucid nights. This New York Fashion Week did not disappoint with backstage access at Lincoln Center, a Carolina Herrera show that made me want to jump up and scream ‘bravo’, and… Read More

The Ghost of Romance Past

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Exorcise the demons that hold you back. By Paget Pizitz After the cold reception I had gotten the year before when I arrived at a party dressed as Phil Donahue, I decided it was time to give in to the sexy side of Halloween. It was the roaring 2000s, and I was single, living in our nation’s… Read More

Hope I Die Before I Get Old

Friday, October 7th, 2011

If you ask me, Pete Townshend’s classic line has a lot more to do with attitude than age. by Francis Hare First, make no mistake: When it comes to lifestyle, nobody’s older for his age than me. At 25, I married the perfect excuse to stop going out on weeknights. Six years later, we gave… Read More

Better Technology, Through Stupidity

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

My smartphone is making me dumber. by Cherri Ellis I think there is no bigger danger to world society than the Global Positioning System (GPS) and it’s evil twin MapQuest. Like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead, when they are good they are very, very good, and when they… Read More

B-Yourself: Jessica Lazarus

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Name: Jessica Lazarus Age: 26 My hometown: Mountain Brook Profession: Hair Stylist at Joelle Salon and Entrepreneur My passion: Connecting with people and leaving them better than I found them. I am so lucky to be able to channel this passion into my hairstyling career. Every day I live my passion in one way or another…. Read More

Goodbye Old Mum

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Go a different way this fall. by Charlie Thigpen You might not want to say goodbye to chrysanthemums forever, but you should try some different plants in your garden this fall. When I first started landscaping many years ago, mums were pretty much the only choice for October planting. I learned to dislike them because… Read More

Listen Up / October 2011

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Who to see and What to Hear in October by Todd Coder The recent stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair has brought into the spotlight concerns that all of us as concert and event promoters have feared for years. The number one priority for us, as event producers, is the safety of the festival goers,… Read More

Style Icon: Rashel Ross

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Rashel Ross Breast Cancer Survivor by Tracy Robinson Photographer, Chuck St. John; Stylist, Tracy Robinson; Hair & Makeup, Kerri Bunn. Clothing from Icon’s own wardrobe. Photographed at home. French writer Victor Hugo said, “Style is the substance of the subject called unceasingly to the surface”. Cancer would call Rashel Ross’s substance forth again and again. A friend describes her as the perfect example of someone who is as beautiful on the inside as she… Read More