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One on One March ’12

This month’s One on One conversation centered on connections. We paired up Audrey Pannell with Denise Koch. Both women work in the related but separate fields of public relations and event management. The conversation ranged from the ingredients of a great party to how social media is changing the world. Audrey Pannell currently serves as… Read More

Minimalistic and Modern

This home is full of light and bright pops of color that give the space a cheery, sunny vibe. by Vicki Johnson, Photography by Beau Gustafson Five years ago, when Todd and Carrie Becker sold their traditional, Nantucket-cottage-style home in Crestline, they knew they wanted to make a major change and create a more minimalist,… Read More


Safety Awareness for Women A unique experience in learning how to protect yourself, no boys allowed. by Robin Richeson Colter You’ve done it before. You are so focused on that project that you barely notice as your co-workers file past you, one by one.  When you finally look up from your computer, it’s 7:15 and… Read More

For the Love of Objects

Industrial designer Sean Simmons has spent three decades creating innovative solutions and elegant designs for the stuff of everyday life. by Tom Wofford Consumers have always been emotionally attached to certain products, tools and machines that share our lives, make our lives easier and, when of a certain quality and style, become objects we think… Read More

I can’t drive 55

Are the rules out there for my safety or for the purpose of generating revenue? What is the driving force behind the laws that make us all feel a little like criminals and is there anything we can do to change them? by Loyd McIntosh It’s Saturday, Feb. 11, 2011. I’m driving I-20 from my Pell City home to meet a… Read More

Whose Image is it Anyway?

The art and controversy of Alabama football by Joe O’Donnell    photos by Jerry Siegel Dating back to 1979, there have been paintings of stellar moments in University of Alabama football history: The Goal Line Stand, The Kick, Never Again, and The Sack. The question for sports artist Daniel Moore is: Will there be one called… Read More

Your Break

The rivalry and relationship between the city’s top pool players. Written by Loyd McIntosh   Photographed by Meg McKinney It’s one of the classic pop-culture images of the 20th century. The smoky, dimly-lit pool hall. Dozens of hard-living men hunched over tables with torn, green felt, calling their next shots. Money changing hands as strangers from… Read More

The Art of The Sale

By Jesse Chambers Photos by Beau Gustafson I admit it. I’m a typical blue-jean-wearing “creative,” to use the current label for writers, designers and photographers. I’ve never been a salesman and probably couldn’t peddle Haagen-Dazs in Death Valley. However, the longer I work for magazines and newspapers, the more I appreciate the sales people who… Read More