Decorate Your Garden

ThigpenMake a statement out front.

by Charlie Thigpen 


Most people who own a house typically have a yard, but when the yard is “decorated,” it becomes a garden, a little piece of paradise right outside the door. It’s always fun to see how and what homeowners use to embellish their landscapes.

There are many options, from pricey benches or statuary to salvaged treasures that cost little to nothing. Here are some ideas to transform your yard into a unique outdoors getaway.


Benches and Birdbaths

Benches are always a popular choice.  If attractive, a bench can become a focal point, but they’re also functional, creating a cozy place to sit and view the landscape. Birdbaths are also a staple in the garden. They can add height to your landscape and, most importantly, they attract wildlife. It’s important to place them where they can be seen so you can watch our feathered friends drink and bathe. Watching a bird dip into the water and shake the droplets off its fluffed plumage can be very entertaining. Try it!


Arbors, Tuteurs, and Trellises

Vertical structures add interest and contour to an otherwise flat landscape, and everyone loves to enter a garden through a flower-covered arbor. These structures not only add romance, but will also support vines or climbing roses. They come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, so choose one that will complement your garden.

Tuteurs are typically obelisk-shaped structures. They can be made of metal or wood and are often used in vegetable or kitchen gardens to support climbing plants such as cherry tomatoes, beans, or cucumbers. They can also be found in flower borders displaying climbing plants such as clematis, jasmine, or moonflower. These upright structures are like an exclamation point in the garden, especially when painted bright colors.

A trellis can be freestanding, but it’s usually built on or next to a wall. It allows plants to grow up and soften structures. Diamond, grid-like, or fan-shaped patterns can be made with wire, cable, steel, or even rope.


Statuary, Architectural Artifacts, or Salvaged Items

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve in your landscape, you might want set out one of these items. Statues of angels, cherubs, finials, and terminals work well in formal settings, but informal or whimsical gardens might showcase gnomes, mushrooms, or animals.

Architectural artifacts such as old shutters, gates, columns, or corbels can also add interest to a garden. Old bicycles, wheelbarrows, or bed frames are just a few of the salvaged items that are often displayed and used creatively in the landscape.


Containers and Plants

Ornate planters and urns also add a nice touch to gardens. Brightly colored glazed planters can become a statement piece. Specimen trees, such as Japanese maples or Harry Lauder’s walking stick, can resemble living art forms when placed in the right spot.


Don’t get complacent with your yard; decorate your landscape by bringing your personality into it. The landscape surrounding your home is an extension of your house.  Just as you would add objects that you enjoy to the inside, remember to do the same to your garden.

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  1. Tyler says:

    I’m a fan of the large glass orbs. There’s so much you can do to create your own corner of paradise. It can really show off your creativity. These are some great ideas.

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