Diamond in the City

More than a decade of glistening jewelry and community involvement has earned Diamonds Direct a special place in the city.

The classic four “C”s of diamond selection (cut, clarity, color, and carat) get a makeover at Diamonds Direct. While the well-known method of determining which diamond is the right one is always an important part of the process, Diamonds Direct added their own version: concept, choice, confidence, and community.

The company changed the concept of what a retail jewelry store looked like. Diamonds Direct began as a wholesale operation, based out of both Israel and the United States, that cut and sold diamonds to jewelry stores across the country. In 1995, they opened their first showroom, eliminating the middleman and selling diamonds directly to the customer for less than traditional jewelry stores.

They also increased the choice facing consumers with over 50 designers carried and 3,000 mountings per store. The company makes a commitment to customers long after the sale, creating a sense of confidence in a purchase.

Diamonds Direct is dedicated to giving back to the communities they call home. The company has 17 stores with more than 200 diamond experts serving customers.

In 2004 The Diamonds Direct Foundation was established to provide support to local nonprofit organizations, with special emphasis on women’s and children’s philanthropies.

“One of the most important things to us, other than of course the sale, is that we share the profits with a lot of organizations that need it,” says Yoni Padan, VP of the Birmingham store. 

Birmingham was the second city that Diamonds Direct opened a retail location in, the first store was in Charlotte. “We got here in 2008. We really wanted to bring a new concept to the city,” says Padan. “What made the difference was the people of Birmingham, really. We always call it the best kept hidden secret in the U.S.

“As the president of our company always says is, we just keep it simple. Do the right thing for the customer. Create real relationships and everything will come after that. That’s what we’re all about. We just want to keep being part of the Birmingham community. We want to keep creating the relationships. I always say that the difference between us is when a customer walks in the door, we usually greet them with a big hug; not just with a handshake.”

Yoni Padan joined Diamonds Direct in January of 2012.Since the beginning of his career at Diamonds Direct, he made sure to always keep the special thing that makes Diamonds Direct what is, family. “The family spirit of Diamonds Direct penetrates from our staff to our customers and that is why the relationship between us and the customer is so special. I love what I do, and it’s great waking up every morning feeling that way.

“We create real relationships. At the end of the day, we’re really there to just keep doing what we’re doing. Keep it simple, do the right thing, be honest, enhance the selection and grow,” Padan says.

“We are a part of people’s lives. They’re coming in here nervous, they’re coming in here excited, they’re coming in here scared. They’re coming in here with all these different emotions. The person on the counter knows this is not just a sale here. This is a person in a very exciting moment in their life and we know how to connect with the person and make sure that they know they have someone they can trust and someone they can have a great relationship with. The rest is pretty easy,” Padan says. 

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