Diamonds Direct Love Story: Ashley Colburn and Tate West

The love story of Ashley Colburn and Tate West began way back in middle school.

“We met at R.F. Bumpus Middle School in our 6th grade homeroom. I liked his blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Once I got to know him, I realized that we could easily become close friends. I enjoyed his sense of humor,” Ashley says.

Tate remembers it the same way. “We met in homeroom in 6th grade. She was really easy to talk to and be yourself around her. You could tell she was always happy and smiling. Her blue eyes showed compassion.” Their paths crossed again in high school and that is when each decided they had really found the one.

Ashley works as a diamond expert at Diamonds Direct. Tate is completing a bachelor of science degree in environmental science at The University of Alabama. Their wedding date is set for Saturday, July 27th, 2019.

Shopping for the Ring

Ashley’s job as a diamond expert made the ring-buying process a breeze. “I picked it out based on what I knew she liked from listening to her ideas and looking at pictures she had shown me before. I was able to pick the right setting and the diamond. The ring has a round, classic solitaire diamond with excellent fire and brilliance. I love this ring because it’s special and one-of-a-kind,” Tate says. “Emily made the process easy and stress-free. I knew as soon as I saw it- that it was exactly the right one for us.

“The ring is everything I wanted and more! He really did a great job, and I know Emily and my other coworkers made the process so easy for him!” says Ashley.

The Proposal

Tate: “I thought Christmas would be the right time to propose as it would be the perfect gift and most of our families would be around, too.”

Ashley remembers all the details. “It was Christmas morning and my family had just opened presents. My parents were in the kitchen preparing Christmas lunch. Tate was standing by the piano in the living room while I sat on the love seat. I asked him if he wanted to watch a Christmas movie and he said, ‘You’ve got one more Christmas present!’ He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited and kept asking him, “Is this real life!?”

Tate: “One of our favorite things is going out to dinner just the two of us. We enjoy fishing and cooking.”

Ashley: “Going to concerts, being on the beach, quail hunting, cooking together, and taking a ride on the boat.”


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