Diamonds Direct Love Story: Chelsea & Kyle

2017-07-18_07-49Chelsea Humphries, 24, and Kyle Dobson, 27, have had their fair share of bumps along the road. But though weekly hour-long drives and long distances have conspired to keep them apart, these obstacles have only strengthened the love and trust between them. This is their love story…

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

K Through a friend. She was very cute and had the best smile and personality.

C: Through a high school friend. He had a super cute personality. He constantly made me laugh.

What is your favorite thing to do together as a couple?

K: We love to cuddle up and watch movies.

C: Cuddling! Just being together makes my day.

What was your most memorable date?

K: When we ate at the Crystal Palace at Disney World. The characters kept wanting us to take pictures with them and the waitress kept pushing us to go to the buffet and get more. We found out why they did that when we received our ticket. It was $120!

C: I’ll never forget our first date to see Yogi Bear. I knew then that he would always keep a smile on my face.

2017-07-20_09-57-20Describe your partner in three words.

K: Beautiful, caring and loving.

C: Funny, super cute and loving.

What is your favorite thing about your partner? Why?

K: Her personality is my favorite thing about her.

C: His humorous attitude. We don’t ever stay mad at each other for more than a few minutes.

When did you realize you had met “the one,” that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with each other?

K: When she was willing to drive over an hour every weekend to see me. She was getting a management degree and was a part of a sorority. I knew then that I had found the one.

C: When I knew I could not go through life without him. He travels for work and we’ve had to endure long distances several times throughout our relationship. Whenever we did have to go without seeing each other, it broke my heart. He is my best friend and I know that he is the one for me.

What was your experience like shopping for the ring at Diamonds Direct? Tell us why you love the ring.

K: It was a great experience. (The woman who helped me) wasn’t pushy at all. She made sure that all my requests were acknowledged as I was looking. My budget was much lower than what I spent, but she kept making sure that was what I wanted. She helped me find the perfect ring.

C: He did it all by himself!


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