Diamonds Direct Love Story: Josh and Ashley


There are people who plan and people who wing it.

Fortunately for Ashley Jackson, Josh Vinson is both! When we asked Ashley what quality she liked most about Josh, she said, “ I only get to choose one!?!? One of my favorite things about Josh is his spontaneity.”

And yet, this “spontaneous” fellow started planning his proposal to Ashley a full year in advance, by his own admission:

img_7852“I got Ashley’s best friend to talk her into going into Diamonds Direct a year before to see what style and type of ring she was interested in. Her friend sent me photos of three different rings that Ashley had picked out. They all had the same characteristic, princess- cut diamond with the infinity band. When I went to make my selection,my Diamonds Direct team member educated me from beginning to end. We selected one of the rings that Ashley picked out, and I wanted to add a little something more that would have a part of me with it so I added a halo around it.”

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Josh: The Fall of 2006, Ashley’s freshman year and my sophomore year in Economics at The University of Alabama by a mutual friend. We had assigned seats. I moved seats just to sit behind her. My very first impression was her eyes.

Ashley: We were introduced, by a mutual friend, in an Economics class at the University of Alabama. I wasn’t interested, lol.

Please explain your most memorable date.

Josh: My most memorable date was our very first date in Tuscaloosa, AL. She would not allow me to pick her up so we met at the restaurant. She mentioned how she loved certain plays and I bought her a collection of the plays to dinner that night. 

Ashley:  Omg, this is hard. Josh is super romantic and is always surprising me. He always has tricks up his sleeve! The proposal was amazing!

When did you realize you had met “the one,” that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with each other?

Josh: I can honestly say it was love at first sight for me. The summer before the fall semester, I prayed to the Lord to bring someone into my life that would be my rock and supporter. The first day of class the following semester my eyes laid on Ashley walking into class.

Ashley:   I felt like I knew he was the one in college. He was always so patient and loving, and that’s important.

Tell us about Josh’s amazing proposal.

img_7742Ashley:  We were in Asheville, NC with a close couple friend (just so happens to be the same friend I went ring shopping with). The day he proposed we went and toured the Biltmore. As we were ending our tour, there is a huge hill where you can get a nice view of the entire Biltmore mansion.  Josh said, “Let’s walk up; I heard they offer pictures with you in it and the mansion in the background.”  I remember saying “babe wait on me, you left me.” He was so distracted. (I later found out he was going over his proposal speech.) When I arrived at the top, the photographer said, “Hey guys, would you like a picture?” and of course we said yes. She then coached us to move right where we were centered in front of the mansion.  Josh turned me around and we talked for a moment. When he started talking, I knew that was the moment. Then he got down on one knee and proposed! Of course I said YES! And it was the ring from Diamonds Direct that I had picked out a year earlier!

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