Diamonds Direct Love Story: Logan + Amie

img_0794Amie Carter and Logan Shumate met each other in church, having been introduced by Logan’s grandmother and Amie’s mother. A higher power certainly blessed this match-making, and Amie and Logan have been together ever since.

Then, Logan took their relationship to even new heights with a surprise rooftop proposal at the Redmont Hotel. Here, in their own words, is their Love Story.

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Logan: Amie and I met at my church through my grandmother who actually started talking to her mom, and they introduced us to each other. My first impression of Amie was just how beautiful she was and of course how kind spoken she was to me.img_0923

Amie:  I was visiting a church with my mom.  I remember looking at my mom and saying that blonde boy sure is cute. It was an immediate attraction, and just like that, our love story began.

What is your favorite thing to do together as a couple?

Logan: My favorite thing to do as a couple would have to be going out to a hibachi grill and going shopping or to the movies with her.

Amie: I would say my favorite thing to do as a couple is go to church.

Tell us about your most memorable date:

Logan: I would have to say our most memorable date  would have to be when I made her dress up all nice and made her think we was going out to a restaurant for Valentines Day, but instead, I had set up a surprise private dinner for just the two of us.

Amie: It would have to be our first date. We were both young and in High School. Our first date was to Sonic, and I drove. We were both so nervous that we didn’t want to go sit down at a restaurant so we went to Sonic and sat in my car and both got slushies. I will never ever forget it.

Describe your partner in three words.

Logan: Sweet, Caring, Gorgeous.

Amie: Passionate, Giving, Loyal.

love-story_amie-2What was your experience like shopping for the ring at Diamonds Direct? Tell us why you love the ring.

Logan: It was a great experience, Amie works for Diamonds Direct so it made it very easy for us to look and pick out the perfect ring. I love the ring because I knew she would love the ring and make her smile every time she looked at it.

Amie:  I knew what I wanted but I wanted Logan to have his own thought in the ring. One Saturday, we came to the store and picked out what we both liked together. Even though I work for Diamonds Direct and could have very easily been overwhelmed by the large selection, my colleagues made it very easy and smooth. I love the ring because it is simple and elegant. I am always looking down at it.

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