Divorce is really hard on men…

Let it out

Divorce seems to be hot topic with me as of… oh, the last year. I’ve gone through one, my best friend has, several friends and, I’ve found, other random strangers who love sharing their story over an adult beverage. Women seem to deal with it via large amounts of martinis, truckloads of food, new shoes, new clothes and new boyfriends. We can be expected to make very late night phone calls, disappear for days and eat twice our weight in chocolate and fried food.

Basically, women deal with divorce in the exact same way we deal with break-ups, life changes and loses – friends, food and liquor.

It appears that men deal with divorce the same way they handle loss, change and break-ups too – like crazy people.

Unlike the female counterpart, a male going through divorce is unpredictable. The only thing that can be guessed is that it’ll be extreme. I’ve watched you, the male species, do some really ridiculous things in these desperate times. Abandoning children, families, all of your money and a a large section of your intelligence and pride is part of the divorce price tag, or at least it seems.

You buy expensive toys – motorcycles, trucks, boats – (only to wreck them), can be found shuffling through dollar bills in your gentleman’s headquarters, and rush to marry the first barely 18-year-old you can manage to nab. Alcohol becomes your currency of choice and many of you cry more than most pubescent girls.

I say all of this not as a judgmental fellow divorcee, but as an observer. Yes, we women handle things differently, and no, I don’t expect this to change. However, I would like to ask a favor of all of the divorced male-types reading this. When your ex-wife finally starts dating, don’t burn down your house for you’ve dated too. When you see a new truck or tattoo idea or that $400 toy your child is “dying” to have – don’t buy it. And calf implants? Bad idea.

You can get through this the same way women do. Invest in some chocolate, stay indoors and seek the advice of your mom, best friend and a therapist – or any women for that matter. We just seem to know what we are doing.

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