Early Bird

savor-ovenbirdOrder OvenBird’s popular fried chicken before it’s gone.   

By Jan Walsh //  Photography by Beau Gustafson

OvenBird now offers fried chicken for dinner Monday through Saturday. This Chris Hastings dish was originally offered only one night each week, but due to the rave response, it quickly became a regular menu item. It’s so popular, I recommend that diners with their heart set on it go to early dinner for this bird because it has limited availability, and does sell out.

The golden-brown chicken, of white and dark meat, arrives in a brown paper bag inside a black crock. It is accompanied by lovely, mouth-puckering, pickled okra and white barbeque sauce. This beautiful bird is juicy, full of flavor, and highly recommended. The sauce adds a touch of creaminess. And the okra adds a touch of acidity. We paired it with OvenBird’s delicious deviled eggs, tasty tomato salad, and a refreshing Spring Hammer cocktail.

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