A Different Kind of Rap: Eugenius Neutron


His sound: Rap that digs deeper
For fans of: OutKast, Big K.R.I.T., Kanye West

Eugenius Neutron is making a different kind of rap. “Hip-hop is a cultural lifestyle that can bring about positive influence, knowledge of self, and initiative to change our current social structures,” he says. “I plan to do just that, not with music alone, but in any aspect within my creative ability. Rap is my primary tool used to do so.”

The name Neutron chose for himself connects with the theme of positivity as well, although technically the original inspiration was cartoon character Jimmy Neutron: “It’s a neutrally charged particle found in the nucleus, which can accept a positive charge to create new elements, or accept a negative charge to create balance. Strangely, I felt comfort with that as it applies to life.”

His most recent album, Euniversal Understanding, is themed around space travel. “The idea, in short, was to connect the idea of traveling further into space, while simultaneously traveling deeper within myself,” he says. “It allows (listeners) to view my life, as well as their own. As they grow to understand me, I also give them an understanding of themselves they may not have seen, thus creating an ‘(e)universal understanding’ of each other.”

Neutron started rapping at age 9 and by 18 was in freestyle battles while attending college in Huntsville. After a few years and an internship at a radio station, he left school and with friends started his own label, Loner-Dreamer-Lover-Rebel, which he moved to his native Birmingham in 2014. “It’s an honor to be a voice that is bigger than my own,” he says. “I pride myself on giving other artists the guidance that I feel like I didn’t get from the generation before me.”

Still, for Neutron, finding and articulating his own voice remains a priority. “The music keeps me from holding things inside that may not be beneficial to my well-being, while providing me with an abundance of epiphanies,” he says. “The more I live, the more I have to say.”

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  5. Jason Slatton
  6. Ashley Sankey and Company
  7. Creature Camp
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  10. Gary Wheat
  11. Chris Hendrix



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