Everybody Dance Now

DANCEe Presents Second Glimpse

Written and Photographed by Edward Badham


“When I was a child/

I caught a fleeting glimpse/

Out of the corner

of my eye/

I turned to look but it

was gone.”

—Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb”


Time is of the essence; time is the essence. Time is everything and nothing—It is the unstoppable current of life. You can waste time, you can seize time, and you can pass time, but you cannot change time. And you cannot get time back.

The closest thing to real time travel that I think I have is my DVR. No longer do we hold our breaths and lean close to the television so as not to miss a crucial punch line or critical moment. These days, you can just rewind to see what you missed. You can freeze the frame or skip into the future right past the commercial break.

But there is no DVR for real life. We can’t go back and relive something we weren’t paying attention to or skip past a rough patch. We have to take it as it comes. This is what keeps it real, why we must journey through life with our eyes open.


Have you ever been walking or driving along and you see something you just can’t believe? Something you understand cannot be missed? You have to look back. Sometimes, whatever it was is gone. But sometimes, you catch a glimpse of something. You turned back to look—you leaned in close and refused to miss it—and it was still there.

In 1979, I was at an Eagles concert, and while I was walking, I saw a flash of green on the pavement being trampled by the crowd. I looked closer and had another flash and then another; that night, I found $46 on the ground. This was a lot of money to a young kid back in ’79. I can still remember the excitement of finding something of great value simply because I was in the right place at the right time and I paid attention.


Birmingham’s downtown is rapidly evolving into a thriving artistic mecca. There’s a trend of things popping up here, as if everything has come into focus all of a sudden; everything is moving and changing. DANCEe, the internationally presented dance company, is part of the movement; in fact, they’re bringing the movement to the streets.

Elizabeth Ross has created and choreographed Second Glimpse, the collection of vignettes you see pictured on these pages, which is a sequel to her 2011 series Glimpse. Performed right on the sidewalks, they’re revolutionizing fine art. In keeping with time, they come without warning and invite you to, just for a moment, move with it. These mini performances are designed to create the moments of second glimpse—you see something and instead of moving on, you are captivated by a glorious display of human motion. It’s a gift as unexpected as $46 in the street, and while it’s intangible, it’s certainly something you can take with you.

This summer, through Second Glimpse, DANCEe invites you to keep your eyes open and to turn back when something catches your eye; if you’re lucky, you’ll find that it’s still there. It’s a chance to revel in the moments that you’re in the right place and time, because sometimes—sometimes, time is on your side.

DANCEe’s Second Glimpse pieces will be performed randomly around Birmingham throughout the month of June. Performances will be announced a few hours beforehand on Instagram (follow them at _dance_e), and on Facebook (DANCEe).

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