Exclusive with Jordan Alexander Designer Theresa Bruno


By Jessica Clement

Owner and designer of Jordan Alexander, Theresa Bruno, is not only an accomplished, talented designer, but also an exemplary person. Although I had just met her, it felt as if she was an old girlfriend welcoming me into her humble abode. Or in this case her stunning event at Scene Gallery in Pepper Place. I wish I could have a sneak peek into her home. I imagine it looks like the inside of a fine jewelry box filled with soft velvet and unique jewels.

edit-7896In 2010, Bruno began creating Jordan Alexander, named after her two sons, for friends. One of them encouraged her to showcase her talent in local boutiques. Her line became an instant hit and was picked up by NYC showrooms and chosen as one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers.

“I didn’t tell anyone, not even my best friends, I had put my jewelry line into a local boutique,” says Bruno. “And one day my best friend called and said ‘I just saw the most beautiful jewelry line, Jordan Alexander, being sold at Etc. You have got to come see this collection.’ I was caught and had to tell her.”

It’s been a whirlwind from there. She has added on additional jewelry line Andrew Harper, signature home collections JA Home, and now a curated collection of jewelry designers from all over the country called JA Collections. She makes sure that every piece and designer for her collections are pieces she is inspired by or loves personally.edit-7894

“My designs are a reflection on the stages of my life,” says Bruno. “Each piece is something I would wear or have in my own home.”

Bruno’s new “petite” collection for Jordan Alexander came out in June. It was inspired by a darker time in her life, which is ironic because it is one of the brightest and beautiful collections I’ve seen with my own eyes.

edit-7916“I designed pieces that looked like empty cases, symbolizing my lack of trust,” says Bruno. “As I started to feel better, I began to add stones to the designs.”

A few of her favorite pieces are the cage earrings, bracelet, orbit ring, and ear cuff. All of these are fitted with VS1 “very slightly included” diamonds, which are the highest quality diamonds. They are timeless, classic pieces that are like wearing a piece of art.

Bruno’s jewelry, home, and curated designer collections can all be purchased at her boutique located in English Village or on her newly launched website, www.shopjacollections.com.


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