Flip Burger’s Mod Ambiance, Bold Burgers

By Jan Walsh     

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Flip Burger Boutique offers something for everyone. Kids love the frosty milk shakes. Teens dig the music and energetic atmosphere. Grown-up cocktails entice adults. And foodies of all ages flip over the gourmet burgers.

Scott Bourgeois

The Place

Flip Burger Boutique is located at the upper level of The Summit, at 214 Summit Boulevard, and serves lunch and dinner daily. The energetic ambience is a contrast of crisp white and vivid red. The high ceiling is covered in a graffiti mural. Tall, white-leather, tufted booths—with mod sphere lights—line the right wall. Each offers a window view. The tops of the whimsical booths are identical to the bottoms, only upside down. A long, red rug and large community table line the center of the space. Along the left wall is the bar, surrounded by diner-style chrome bar stools with white -leather tops. Above the bar, televisions in white-painted frames allow diners to catch the game or follow the stock market.

The Chef

Scott Bourgeois is a familiar face in Birmingham’s culinary scene. He earned his degree at Culinard and worked as sous chef at two area restaurants before taking over the management of culinary operations for the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center. In his current role, executive chef of the Birmingham Flip Burger location, Bourgeois works directly under corporate  chef Richard Blais, a Top Chef All Stars winner. Bourgeois’ burgers and other dishes are an upscale combination of classic Southern and modern cuisine.

These golden, hand- cut potatoes are a carb lover’s heaven.

Favorite Fare

Layers of mint, tea and blackberry flavors meld in this tasty and fun drink of Absolut Wild Tea Vodka, sage, blackberry puree and fresh lemon juice.

Smoking, cool cocktails and milkshakes have a special effect—steam rising from ice-cold glasses. This theatrical flare is achieved with liquid nitrogen. Sounds of handmade cocktails shaking in a martini shaker entice us to order a round of Blackberry Sage Teas. The rose-colored cocktails arrive on the rocks in lowball glasses with the steamy nitrogen effect, which has frozen the tops solid. Cocktail straws serve as ice picks to break apart the icy crusts, which fall into the glasses. Layers of mint, tea and blackberry flavors meld in this tasty and fun drink of Absolut Wild Tea Vodka, sage, blackberry puree and fresh lemon juice.

Lobster Roll

Flip Burger’s menu includes Beef Burgers, Flip Burgers and the Burger of Today, as well as a line-up of sides and beverages. And we select one burger from the beef list, The Local, and one from the flip list, Lobster Roll. And we pair them with house-made French fries and onion rings. Both burgers are served at the proper degree of doneness on delicious, tall, light buns. The Local is a thick, juicy and delicious take on the traditional cheeseburger—with a twist of chow-chow and upgraded ingredients of grass-fed beef, a lovely leaf of farm lettuce, heirloom tomato, grilled Vidalia onion, Wright Dairy’s Red Hill Cheddar and Coca Cola ketchup. The flip side to this beef burger is the Lobster Roll. This bun is filled with pink, tender lobster knuckles—the meat that joins the claw to the body of a lobster. Green Goddess Mayonnaise, pea shoots and pickled shallots round out this succulent and divine burger. You won’t find better French fries anywhere. These golden, hand- cut potatoes are a carb lover’s heaven. And the vodka-battered onion rings are light and greaseless accompanied by honey mustard.

The Local

Rather than a dessert list, Flip Burger offers milkshakes. We choose an XO Shake and Pineapple Upsidedown Shake. Both shakes arrive with steam rising from the glasses. The pineapple shake is butter colored with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Pineapple flavors shine through this creamy and refreshing drink of grilled pineapple, pineapple ice cream and hearty bites of cake. The XO Shake is one of the most delectable drinks I have ever tasted. This silky drink has it all—Patron XO Café Tequila Liqueur, vanilla ice cream and caramel whipped cream topped with thin, wide chocolate shavings. •

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