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12795123_10150919656319945_6029954235511581829_oWhat is your favorite food moment in film? Do the opening credits of confections in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory make your mouth water? Or do you always find yourself quoting “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” from The Godfather?

There is something magical that happens when food and film come together, and that’s exactly what sparked the minds behind Food Film Festival South Walton. From April 8 – 10, you’ll get to taste your way through chefs’ best dishes while screening a curated collection of delectable food documentaries.

“With The Food Film Festival, you have cinematic genius bringing attention to various topics, like where food comes from or who the chef behind the dish is,” says Christine England, Events Manager at The Local Palate, a partner for this year’s inaugural event in SoWal.

For three days, festival attendees will embark on a journey through the culinary world as they watch award-winning food films on the big screen. The best part? They’ll get to taste everything they see the moment it happens on screen. A few of the food and film pairings planned for this year’s event include bacon-wrapped steak, mini doughnuts, and rosemary gin cocktails—are you drooling yet?

“As an added bonus, one of the film documentaries features Birmingham’s beloved Chef Chris Hastings in ‘The Mobile Blues’,” explains England on the festival’s connection to the Magic City. “Who wouldn’t want to crab with their favorite chef?”

From the first night to the final meal celebrating the film “It’s Grits!” with a one-of-a-kind southern brunch, the Food Film Festival is truly a whole new way to experience food by engaging all five senses.

The Food Film Festival has traveled the country, but this will be the first year for it to make a stop in South Walton Beach, which is just a few hours away by car from Birmingham.

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The Food Film Festival Comes to South Walton

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“I think the concept of food and film being synonymous is ingrained in us as children,” says Christine England, the Events Manager at The Local Palate. “Whether it’s eating popcorn and watching the newest action flick, or remembering Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally at the sandwich shop (who can forget, “I’ll have what she is having”), food and film have become a part of our culture.”

We all have a story of how food and film intertwine in our lives, and that’s exactly what sparked the hungry minds behind The Food Film Festival, which is coming to South Walton Beach in Florida from April 8 – 10.

Over the course of three days, attendees will get to taste their way through the country’s best dishes while screening a curated collection of mouth-watering food documentaries.

Imagine watching “The Benevolent Baker,” an enticing film that artfully features the making of a donut, while sinking your teeth into a hot, hand-forged donut from Top Pot Doughnuts. At The Food Film Festival in South Walton, your appetite gets to devour all that your eye beholds.

photo 6“There is something so surreal about experiencing this delectable food on the screen and then have someone serve it to you at the exact moment you are thinking, ‘I want one of those right now!’” says England, smiling.

The Food Film Festival has traveled the country, but this will be the first year for it to make a stop in South Walton Beach, which is just a few hours away by car from Birmingham. With a food and film lineup that highlights everything from Mobile Bay crabbing to the ultimate southern brunch, this inaugural festival is perfectly suited for the southern foodie.

We’ll be sharing more delicious details about this year’s Food and Film Festival on our page in the coming months, but if you’re already drooling to get your hands on tickets, visit the event website at

photo 3Meet the Celebrity Chefs

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At the inaugural Food Film Festival South Walton in South Walton Beach, Florida, it’s all about mixing up the best in mouthwatering films and cuisine—and that means bringing in some of the country’s finest chefs for one truly delectable weekend.

“Who doesn’t love award-winning chefs preparing them food in one of the most scenic beach areas in the country?” says Christine England, the events manager at The Local Palate.

Chef Kevin Gillespie | photo by Angie Mosier

Chef Kevin Gillespie | photo by Angie Mosier

And that’s exactly what will happen April 8 – 10. The festival has traveled the country, but for the first time it will be stopping in SoWal—a favorite vacation spot for Birminghamians.

The nine chefs who will be heating up the festival hail from states across the South, like Texas, Kentucky, and Louisiana; they’ve been nominated for and won coveted James Beard Foundation awards among other national recognitions. We’re spotlighting three of them below, but make sure you visit to check out the rest.

Chef Justin Devillier | photo courtesy of La Petite Grocery

Chef Justin Devillier | photo courtesy of La Petite Grocery

Chef Kevin Gillespie knows good Southern food: his Atlanta restaurant Gunshow was named on GQ Magazine’s list of “12 Most Outstanding Restaurants” in 2014. In July 2015, Gillespie opened his second restaurant, Revival, which offers a fresh take on family-style Sunday dinner. Expect rib-sticking goodness and no shortage of pork at this year’s fest.

You may know Justin Devillier as the winner of Top Chef: New Orleans, and this Louisiana boy is also recognized nationally for his restaurant la petite grocery, where his much-loved menu includes dishes like Turtle Bolognese and Blue Crab Beignets. That’s right, Blue Crab Beignets.

Chef Ryan Prewitt | photo by Rush Jagoe

Chef Ryan Prewitt | photo by Rush Jagoe

With a James Beard award for both his own culinary prowess and restaurant Peche Seafood Grill under his belt, Ryan Prewitt is one of New Orleans’ most treasured chefs. Pêche is famous for its oyster bar, which features oysters, crab meat, and fresh gulf fish–fingers crossed for a seafood feast at the Food Film Fest.

Over the course of three days, these celebrity chefs will be serving up unforgettable bites to complement the food films that will be playing throughout the weekend of April 8 – 10.

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