Fred Weaver

Photographer:  Kelly Steffey

Creator/Producer:  Lindsay Garrett

Production Assistant:  Lucie Davis

Location:  Black Market Bar and Grill

Special thanks: George Cowgill


Birmingfamous Oct

One of Birmingham’s true super heroes, Fred Weaver is a medical professional by day and a conflict artist by night. Don’t let his often quietly suave and intellectual demeanor fool you. Weaver has been a professional MMA fighter for almost five years. And lucky for us, he knows exactly how to use those skills outside the ring for the betterment of our community. Weaver is often recognized for keeping citizens safe at some of our favorite Magic City night spots. If you know Weaver, you know he will always greet you with a smile and one of the best hugs you’ll ever receive. Just stay on his good side, because he knows exactly how to handle trouble with graceful force. He is a nurterer by sunlight and a protector by moonlight, and these are the reasons Fred Weaver is Birmingfamous.

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