Pair This: Galley & Garden’s Cider-Braised Game Hen & Hard Cider

SavorBy Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

I love a good apple cider. And with Galley and Garden’s new Sunday brunch and dinner menu, I am doubly pleased. Here, I can have my cider and drink it too with the Cider Braised Duncan Farm Game Hen and Hard Cider.

Executive chef James Boyce starts with a beautiful Duncan Farm game hen and braises and cooks it in both cider and cider vinegar from Scott Farms. The hen is cooked and served with an array of winter root vegetables in the cider jus: baby carrots, caramelized onion, and sliced fingerling potatoes, as well as apple. The hen is golden brown on the outside and white and moist on the inside. And the acidity of the cider jus balances the earthiness of the root vegetables, creating just enough complexity to this delightful dish. We will pair it with a tasty Hard Cider served in a coupe-style cocktail glass from the bar, adding another layer of apple flavor to this lovely winter dish.

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