Get Your Summer On

AmandaBut first, prepare your home.

by Amanda LeBlanc    


Summer is approaching quickly and it’s time to get you and your kids organized so you can make the most of your time and not miss a second of the fun! Prepare now so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun.

1. Turn the mudroom from a school zone to an outdoor fun hub.

I don’t know about you, but summer in my house means kids running in and out so fast I wish my doors were those nifty revolving ones! Keep your sanity by keeping the kids set up for fun. Transforming your mudroom from a school zone to a summer one will calm the chaos. In my house, I have a bench with hooks and a shelf on the wall above. During the summer, I hang beach towels on the hooks, place flip flops in the bins below, and stock baskets with sunscreen and bug spray. Easy access to common items is key. Each child gets a packed bag, sitting on the bench ready for any of his or her summertime activities. I want the summer to be easy for everyone, including me. Having what they need handy and ready to go is the way to achieve that.

2. Set up your garage for summertime fun.

We all want our kids to enjoy their freedom in the summer. In order to help make that happen, everything they need to have fun outside must be properly set up and ready for play. One of my favorite ways to do this is with Organized Living’s grid system. These fantastic organizing tools install in a snap, offering a variety of hooks to organize and set up kid’s outdoor toys, and are very economically priced. In addition to the grids, bring in colorful plastic bins on shelving for larger toys and summertime items that won’t work on a grid. I like to keep water bottles and a few snacks to help keep the kiddos satisfied while they are outside playing.

Amanda 23. Get the car ready for spontaneous summer trips.

Summer is a time for spontaneity and fun, but you can’t be spontaneous if you aren’t prepared! Oh, the irony. In all seriousness, there are some items you need to have on hand to take advantage of the fun. You can use either a plastic storage bin or a collapsible canvas bin in the back of the car. Some of the items you want to keep on hand are an outdoor blanket for picnics and playing in the park; water and a few snacks; hand wipes; sunscreen; bug spray; a cooler; and grocery bags for holding trash or treasures.

4. Plan, plan, plan.

The best you thing you do to make the most of this summer is to start planning. The summer comes and goes so fast, and the number of summers we get with our kids is limited, so take some time now before school is out and decide what things you want to accomplish this summer. If you know you want one day a week to spend doing crafts, or an hour each day having quiet time, you should set the boundaries up now. Once school is out and summer starts, things get crazy—and there’s no stopping time!

All in all, you should be prepared for the unknown fun you are about to have. Now that you have the tools needed to have the best summer of your life, get out there and enjoy!

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