Get Wired for Valentine’s Day

Thigpen 1Spell out your love.

Written by Charlie Thigpen

Photography by Lindsey Griffin


Why not do something a little different this year for Valentine’s Day? Personalize an arrangement using colored wire and spell out or shape a sentiment that will be original and make your gift special for the one you love. We have a few examples of some twisted decorative wire that we used to dress our vases and make them  unique.


Items Needed 

First select a vase. If you don’t have a vase, you can decorate an interesting jar or a bottle. Then purchase wire. Many florist and craft stores sell colored wire of varying thickness. Hardware stores also sell thin gauge copper wire or grounding wire. Make sure the wire you select is easy to work with and pliable so that it can be bent and shaped. You will also want to have a pair of needle-nose pliers that can be used to cut and crimp the wire.


Letters and Shapes  

Use the wire you’ve selected to write words like Love, Be Mine, Forever, Kisses, or Sweetheart. You can also bend the wire into heart shapes. To give the hearts some bling, you can incorporate shiny beads and thread them onto the wire.


Fill with Flowers 

Incorporate blooms and foliage into your vases. Keep it simple and select blooms that will hold up for several days or even weeks. Some long-lasting blooms include flowers such as alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, dianthus, roses, and wax flowers. Foliage from dusty miller, autumn fern leather-leaf ferns, fox tail fern, plumosa fern, and eucalyptus work well and will often hold up for long periods of time and make a nice backdrop for the blooms.

This year for Valentine’s Day you can twist, bend, and give the one you love a gift that’s totally wired.

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