Glamorous Manners

You Have Such Good Manners!

by Lee Ann Brown

Vintage Letters

I love the word “lovely.” It evokes the image of being simply pretty in actions and spirit, and kind. The definition is, in fact, listed as being associated with delightful and grace. How lovely. I think it can be summed up by having good manners. My mother really impressed upon me the idea that good manners are an essential accessory that you must have with you every day. You really will be in good hands if you’re nice to people, and it feels so nice to be in good hands.

Take the handwritten letter, for instance. I know it can seem like a quaint and charming idea, a relic from the past, left to tarnish like old silver that no one wants to take the time to polish anymore.

So I am so glad that it’s just the thought that counts. And I have lots of thoughts, many times a day, even. That’s how I am. And, sometimes, I actually buy the card. I have a whole collection of cards for any occasion in your life. If you have been feeling under the weather, I have thought of you and bought you a really funny card. I laughed out loud when I read it. In fact, I couldn’t stop laughing, and I just knew you felt so much better. You know that big promotion you got? I heard all about it and went out and bought you the perfect card. I couldn’t believe that I found one that was so perfect for you. It even had your name on it. I think I might have even actually addressed it! I know you feel so much better just knowing that I have thought of you, and I have, often. Every time I see the card still lying there on my desk, I think of you. Whenever I find it lodged in between the pages of my book, I think of you and wonder how you are doing. Every time I accidentally pull it out of my purse when I am trying to find my phone, I curse you. I mean, I think of you. Oh, and when I need to send another card that I just bought someone else, but I can’t find a stamp, and I have to cut the one off of the envelope with your card in it, I know that you understand, because you are an understanding person, you have good manners, and that’s why we’re friends. I am so glad it’s the thought that counts. I feel so much better knowing I thought about it. After all, that’s what good manners are for, making you feel so much better.

When I get you a card, I am thinking of you over and over again, sometimes for many months. You are constantly on my mind. So imagine the surprise I felt when I received a card in the mail from you! I got all excited, because people don’t do this anymore. They do not take the time to write a handwritten note on a card. But I just can’t understand where the time went. I mean, you just had that baby. I have a “Congratulations on your new baby girl!” card all ready to send you. It’s right here. I see it every day. I was going to drop it in the mail this afternoon. How can I be receiving an invitation to her wedding? But it was so nice to see your handwriting again. It’s lovely. You have such good manners.

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