Greek Feast

V51A4900Feed a crowd with Sweet Tea’s baked chicken recipe. 

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Sweet Tea Restaurant is known for its comforting Southern fare. Did you know that it is owned by Chris P. Tomaras, a Birmingham native and Chicago businessman, who founded Kronos Foods and built it into the largest Greek foods manufacturer in the United States? Tomaras knows Greek food, and so does Sweet Tea. Today, general manager Tim Vakakes shares their popular Greek-style baked chicken recipe.


20 chicken breast quarters or 20 leg quarters

2 cups Pomace olive oil

2 cups lemon juice

3 cups liquid grill butter

1 ½ cups Greek seasoning mix

1/8 cup seasoning salt

1 tablespoon paprika

1 tablespoon dried parsley, mixed with seasoned salt and paprika (in a separate bowl)


Trim backbone, excess fat, anal cartlidge, and any feather follicles. Rinse well in cold water. For breast quarters, tuck wing tip under. On a full-size sheet pan, evenly distribute half of the oil, and half a cup of butter. Arrange cleaned chicken on the pan (skin up), not touching each other. Drizzle the remaining olive oil evenly across chicken. Drizzle lemon juice and 1.5 cups of butter evenly across chicken. Season chicken evenly with the Greek seasoning mix. Lightly drizzle remaining butter over chicken. Lightly dust all chicken with seasoned salt, paprika, and parsley mix. Bake at 350 degrees, breasts for 55 minutes or legs for 45 minutes. Rotate pans at 30 minutes. When done at 170 degrees, transfer to 2” hotel pan, and gently pour pan jus over chicken.

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