Eat This: The Grill at Iron City’s Vegetable Plate

savor-iron-city-jun-16By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Executive chef William Rogers creates a bit of drama on The Grill at Iron City’s Alabama Grown Veggie Plate.

A good Southerner never serves a vegetable plate without something fried and sliced onions. And Rogers is a good Southerner. He piles crispy Trim Tab beer-battered onion rings atop a tower of Owls Hollow Farms squash casserole, sautéed haricot verts, and grape tomatoes. As a crowning touch to this colorful work of art, he generously drizzles his hickory-smoked local tomato vinaigrette onto the onion rings. The vinaigrette flows down into the mellow squash, juicy tomatoes, and crisp, fresh beans below, embellishing each with its smoky, acidic flavors. And in a cup alongside these veggies is a field pea cucumber relish. This tasty mix of peas, cucumber, onion, and peppers adds protein, along with spicy heat and acidity, to the plate.

Not many beverages other than iced tea pair well with vegetables. But at The Grill at Iron City, we found an even better Southern drink to sip—their mint julep, made with Alabama’s own Clyde May’s whiskey.

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