Gulf Fish En Papillote


By Jan Walsh // Photography by Beau Gustafson

Fearful of cooking fish? Cooking in parchment paper is elegant and easy. No worries about over or under cooking. And it will impress your guests. Little Savannah Restaurant and Bar’s owner and executive chef, Clif Holt, shares his secrets for cooking Gulf fish in parchment. 

Gulf Fish En Papillote


1tablespoon chopped, fresh parsley

6 sprigs fresh thyme

1 sprig garlic chives (when available) or julienne of fresh shallot

4 scallions

2-3 ounces Yukon gold potato, cut into coins

3-4 cherry tomatoes, rinsed

Juice of ½ lemon

6 ounces fresh fish filet (red snapper or other light, mild white fish)

3 tablespoons white wine

2 ounces cold butter, unsalted



Lemon zest


Heat oven to 450 degrees. Fold to crease pieces of parchment in half, then open. Along the crease line, begin layering ingredients in order listed ending with the fish fillet on top. Drizzle wine over fish. Place butter on top of fish. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and lemon zest. Fold other half of parchment over fish. Starting at the edge of the parchment, make small, tight, overlapping folds along outside edge to seal packet. Twist tail ends tightly to seal completely. Place packets on a large rimmed baking sheet. Toast 8-12 minutes. The parchment will puff and brown slightly indicating it is done. Transfer packets to plates. Carefully slit tops with a knife or kitchen shears. Gently open. Serve immediately. Serves one. 


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