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March 23, 2016 | View it on Facebook

It’s no secret Birmingham is experiencing an extraordinary renaissance. With a variety of restaurants and other ventures moving into the heart of the city, living downtown has never been more enticing. And that’s why boutique agency H2 Real Estate is ready to show residents a new style of work and play.

“Our downtown area is still in its infant stages of the changes to come,” says H2 Real Estate’s Carter Hughes. “From new multifamily housing being delivered, to the new Publix, to the Rotary Trail and the continually progressing restaurant and bar scene, downtown is exciting.”

H2 Real Estate targets many of Birmingham’s growing neighborhoods including Central City, Southside, Forest Park, Highland Park, Avondale, Crestwood, and Crestline Park.

“We work with a wide range of clients from recent college graduates looking for their first apartment, to empty nesters looking to ‘try-out’ the downtown lifestyle,” says Hughes.

On Saturday, April 30th, from 12-4 p.m., H2 Real Estate will present a Loft Tour showcasing the myriad of living opportunities in downtown Birmingham. After the tour, attendees can attend a Birmingham Barons baseball game at the nearby Regions Field.

“Not only will attendees be able to view many of the different types of housing options downtown, but they will also be able to interact with the numerous vendors that make the downtown community a special place,” says Hughes. “From food vendors to Birmingham-centric goods, our loft tour will be a true downtown living experience.”

For more about the Loft Tour, visit h2lofttour.eventbrite.com or H2 Downtown Loft Tour. Be sure to follow along in the upcoming weeks as we spotlight lofts featured along the tour!

The Burger-Phillips Loft

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Kyle Bowman had to relocate from Portland, Oregon to Birmingham for a career related move. He was unaware of what the southern city had to offer and interested in a home that felt livable, spacious, and in a great location. Kyle was able to check off all three of those needs from his wish list.

“I feel like I got lucky with my loft in the Burger-Phillips,” says Kyle. “With a very open layout and huge square footage. I love the vaulted ceilings and the many windows the best.”

The lofts offer 10-foot ceilings with floor to ceiling windows that allow pools of natural light and amazing scenic views of the up-and-coming Theater District. The polished concrete floors, sleek appliances and recessed lighting give the newly renovated building a great contemporary feel.

With spring in motion and summer right around the corner, the lofts are within walking distance from Regions Field, Railroad Park, and many incredible restaurants.

“To me Birmingham is an extremely livable city that allows you to get from one side to the other conveniently with an amazing restaurant scene and a downtown that is visibly on the come up,” says Kyle.

One of the most spectacular features is the view of the beautiful and ever expanding city. “The best part I must say is looking out of my window each morning and watching the city come to life and take shape more and more with all the projects in full swing,” says Kyle. “This place has grown on me more than I ever thought it could and I’m really appreciating the ‘Easy Living’ lifestyle.”

For more about the Burger-Phillips Loft and H2 Real Estate Loft Tour, visith2lofttour.eventbrite.com or H2 Downtown Loft Tour.

Jemison Flats

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When couple Mary Katherine and Russ Russell decided to renovate their Hollywood home they immediately began looking for a new residence that they could call “home”. They were interested in a place that could get them out of their suburban comfort zone and into the downtown scene. Jemison Flats was the perfect choice with its urban and historic charm.

“We are renovating our Homewood house and wanted a change. With all of the new restaurants, parks and theaters- we thought this was the perfect time to try something new,” says resident Mary Katherine Russell.

The original hardwood floors, exposed beam ceiling and custom concrete countertops gave the couple an unforgettable first impression. “We love Jemison Flats!” says Mary Katherine. “When we were looking at lofts, we were immediately drawn to the unit.” The private park and stainless steel appliances were the cherry on top to the already mesmerizing apartment.

Being within walking distance to a myriad of tasty local restaurants, breweries and Regions Field, has helped the couple experience the downtown lifestyle they were craving. “Being downtown has really helped to get Russ and me out of our bubble. We definitely branch out more living here,” says Mary Katherine. “We love hosting friends for dinner- everyone wants to see what downtown living is all about.”

Jemison Flats, originally The Heritage Building, was once the home to the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. Now, it is a beautifully restored complex that many city lovers get to call their own.

For more about Jemison Flats and H2 Real Estate, visith2lofttour.eventbrite.com or H2 Downtown Loft Tour

GIN_4086Athens Flats

April 13, 2016 | View on Facebook

Welcome to one of the newest loft projects of Birmingham’s downtown! With Birmingham’s downtown revitalization in full force, it’s the perfect time to move where the action is. “I wanted to be involved in the re-development and growth of downtown and the city. The first part of that experience came when I moved into Athens Flats,” says resident Michael Clarke.

The Athens Flats offers it all! “The amenities that drew me to the loft were the open floor plan, high ceilings, large windows and porch with a view of Sloss Furnaces,” says Michael. “Not to mention the great location on the popular 2nd Avenue North.”

Michael was inspired by the modern city vibe of the building and decided to design his loft around it. “My loft has an open floor plan with an abundance of natural light. I tried to combine the look of new and old with vintage and trendy styles,” he says. With hardwood floors, neutral paint colors and a renovated kitchen, it’s easy to make the flat your own southern, contemporary space.

The best part of living in Athens Flats is having a front row view to the aspiring city. “Since I moved here in 2008, Birmingham has grown and evolved significantly, and I’ve really appreciated getting to witness and be a part of those changes,” says Michael. “Because I live downtown, I’m able to walk and ride my bike to happening restaurants, bars, breweries and other great local attractions.”

Want to see what it’s like to live where the action is at? Come join us and H2 Real Estate for their Downtown Loft Tour.

For more about the Athens Flats and to purchase tickets, visit h2lofttour.eventbrite.com or H2 Downtown Loft Tour.

Skyline Image 4Skyline Lofts

April 20, 2016 | View on  Facebook

After years of renting and living  in apartments, couple Lacy and Ben Beasley decided they needed a change. They were looking to put down roots and purchase a place that they could call their own. And Skyline Lofts was the perfect location to do just that!

“Walkability and a convenience were all a high priority to us when choosing where to purchase,” says Lacy. “Downtown Birmingham has a fantastic energy and the residents have created their own welcoming and open community.”

The Skyline Lofts are within a 2 mile radius of some of the hottest downtown restaurants and entertainment venues Birmingham has to offer. It’s the perfect location for anyone’s first home!

The industrial style exterior of the building gives you a preview of what to expect upon entry. It’s the most exquisite blend of historic, southern charm and modern luxury. Beautiful hardwood floors, grand windows, shaker style kitchen cabinetry and a modern stairway create a haven for any home buyer. “Skyline Lofts has all the amenities we desire in an affordable location,” says Lacy. “It has made the quality of life we have in Birmingham exceed our expectations.”

Want to see what it’s like to have your own “New York” designed style loft? Come join us and H2 Real Estate on April 30th and take a tour of the incredible Skyline Lofts. It will make you want to be apart of the downtown scene.

For more about Skyline Flats and to purchase tickets, visit h2realestate.eventbrite.com or H2 Downtown Loft Tour

Lewis_1Lewis Communications

April 27, 2016 | View on Facebook

Lewis Communications, founded in 1951, was outgrowing their previous suburban location of 16 years and needed a more creative community—that’s where downtown Birmingham came in.

“We wanted to join the majority of the creative community who has been moving downtown over the last several years,” says Larry Norris, President and CEO of Lewis Communications. “I was sold on 2030 First Ave. North when I saw the view from the rooftop.”

They needed a location that had accessible parking, meeting areas and outdoor space. And most importantly a building that could house their staff and make for an influential work environment. With a little bit of TLC, 2030 First Ave North became a dream work-space.

“Our productivity has improved because we now work in a space designed especially for our needs,” says Larry. “With a studio for the Lewis in-house production team, the latest video conferencing technology and more than 12 conference rooms and other gathering spaces.”

The building is a beautiful blend of modern and southern charm with a great array of cool white mid-century furnishings. Large open windows bring pools of soothing natural light and a planked wooden partition is a standout focal piece in front of a marble reception desk.

The building has other one-of-a-kind amenities. “I also expect our space in the heart of downtown Birmingham, with a rooftop lounge, gallery and on-site gym, to benefit us as we recruit talent locally and from outside Birmingham,” says Larry.

This must see building is being spotlighted on the tour, and is available to see this Saturday, April 30th, at the H2 Downtown Loft Tour! For more information, directions and how to purchase tickets, visit www.h2realestate.eventbrite.com.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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