Hand in Glove: Pallet Harvesting

A big part of building Hand in Glove is to do so creatively, minimally, economically.

I knew we wanted to clad one significant wall with weathered wood. We had referenced this both visually and in words in the idea book we had assembled about the project.

In passing, Cathy Fingerman of B-metro mentioned that she had seen folks cover their walls with wood from old pallets. Bingo!  This fit all of our criteria. It was inexpensive (read free other than manpower) and creative while giving us the look we are going for.

I even found a video from the Canadian pallet industry with assorted ways people have recycled pallets:

So my husband Ken has been busy “harvesting” boards from pallets. It has been a great work out in addition to a free resource now that he has his technique down. After taking measurements and calculating the average width and length of most of the boards, I did a quick calculation and determined we would need approximately 400 boards to cover the wall, which will be 11 feet high by 40 feet long.

We found a ready supply at the ReStore, the retail outlet for Habitat for Humanity of Birmingham.  They were more than happy to provide us with all the pallets they need. From their perspective, they are actually a bit of a nuisance.

Ken has been keeping up with his handiwork by grouping the wood into 25 boards per “stack.” Only 150 to go!

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