Happy Birthday to Us!

Me and my Gemini Selves

By Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown

Yes! I’d LOVE to meet you for brunch next Tuesday morning at 9:30! I’m SO excited! I can. Not. Wait. (Fast forward to Monday night…) Oh, no…do I HAVE to get up and get ready in the morning to go to brunch? In the rain? On this beautiful day? In the cold? In this heat? In this (fill-in-the-blank______)? What was I thinking? Welcome to life as a Gemini.

I am a true Gemini with a totally opposite twin and it’s a constant battle of the wills. When I get invited to a party or some kind of gathering, outgoing me is all excited and can’t wait to go. But, inevitably, as soon as the time comes my boring twin shows up and getting ready and all dressed up is the last thing I want to do. After all, the sofa is so comfy and I’m all cozy under the blanket. Do I have to? Can I make myself get up, get dressed and go?

Part of me is all about dressing up and going out. I love the perfume, the glamour, the shoes… The other side is all about jeans, flats, and staying home and playing Scrabble. How, then, to celebrate successfully making another sunny trip around the sun? By getting all glammed up to go out and party the night away at the Marble Ring, or stay home and try to forget about it by hiding under the covers in bed? Just another day/night in the life of a Gemini Twin.

I’m constantly trying to find the balance. My “stay-at-home and watch a Nancy Meyers movie marathon” personality gets exhausted if my sunny self is out shining at all hours of the day and night. Then again, my fun side gets very upset if I am living life as a hermit for longer than a week. I mean, I get it, kind of. I guess it can get monotonous watching the same movies so often that you can repeat all the lines, and I mean every characters’ lines, in every NM movie. Basically, I think I am an introvert with an extrovert Gemini twin.

One side of me wants to party, the other side wants to stay home. The Fun twin wants to have her cake and eat it, too. The Practical twin wants to have no regrets the next day. Basically, it comes down to the fact that “Sunny” wants to smoke, and “LA” won’t let her. Which one is the evil twin?

Being a true Gemini is like having a sibling you can always count on to argue with you. Or, like having that one friend who is always pointing out the negative things that could all go wrong. Or, on the other hand, why you would feel so much better if you got up early and went to Zumba instead of sleeping in until noon on Saturday. Of course I want to catch up with friends at parties and brunch, but, at the same time, I need some time alone to recharge. The problem is that sometimes I want these two different experiences at the same time! And, at any given time, they’re both right.

The truth is that I live most of my days as “LA” and “Sunny” only comes out in photographs and shines on stage. I think this year I’m going to let her shine a little brighter a little more often. Maybe I’ll even wear “Sunny’s” evening clothes and pretty lounge wear when it’s just a Monday night at home, instead of my usual black yoga pants. I think my husband might enjoy getting to spend a little more time with “Sunny.” On the other hand, he is a Gemini, too! So, you never know who ends up with who!!

I think completing another year long journey around the sun is something to celebrate so I’ve got to figure out how to mark the occasion pretty fast since the day is almost here. It seems about the only thing the two sides of my personality agree on is that they both like Gin and Tonics – with lots of fresh squeezed lime. That sounds good whether it’s toasting the night away at a glamorous location or at home on the patio sitting under the stars. So, happy birthday to us and cheers to that, wherever we end up!

Are you a true Gemini, too? Any of you have to fight with your “other half”? Are we crazy? Please discuss. 

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