Harold & MOD

Harold & MOD

Pop-Up Birmingham Vintage

Written by Milo Beloved and Edward Badham

Photography by Edward Badham

Hair By Benji Bishop of Salon U

Make Up Artist: Terez Underwood

Producer: Milo Beloved

Clothing and Furniture from Harold&MOD’s Botany Collection (haroldandmodshop.com) styled by Milo Beloved & Heidi Smith

Models: Timothy Kortman, Kaylor Otwell, and Jenni Opal Wells

Special Thanks to Chad Stogner of Elegant Earth at The Arbor (elegantearth.com)

Model: Tim Kortman Vintage Plaid Ralph Lauren Blazer, $95 (FYI on Etsy for $150-$450) Skinny Tie, $12 Assorted Vintage Men’s Shoes, $15-$35 Ralph Lauren, $48. Retails for around $250

You know the familiar cliche, “What goes around comes around.” This is especially true with style and decor. A wide variety of popular home decor and clothing stores like Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, and Ikea are betting on it. They hire scouts to go out and find vintage inspiration, which they then customize for their shoppers. Industrial looking kitchen and bathroom hardware, ornately shaped bold print and colored upholstered sofas,  and clean line, space–aged dining chairs are all the rage in home decor right now. These are great pieces! They appear innovative, yet these items are mostly inspired by decades past. If you like smooth clean lines, you can thank designers of the the Mid-Century Modern period for their true “space age” aesthetic. If you are a loft dweller, perhaps you blend these modernist elements with your true muse: The Second I

ndustrial Revolution 1867-1914 which provided great warehouses and tarnished metal. Or maybe you have an eclectic style and like to mix the aforementioned elements with luxurious comfort, bright pops of color, and ornate accent pieces. In that case, let’s add the Hollywood Regency style period (1940s-1960s) to your list of Pinterest searches.

Harold&MOD, a local vintage lifestyle brand created by Milo Beloved and Heidi Smith, is daring you to make bold choices this season with your home and wardrobe. “Our Botany Collection, seen here,  is inspired by  the brilliance of spring color, the playfulness of the season, and a bright botanical lifestyle,” says Milo. The bright color palate, unique silhouettes, and timeless craftsmanship of vintage clothing and furniture is ageless and fun. A cool vintage item encourages its wearer to feel like he or she is one of a kind! Vintage pieces, whether clothing or decor, are compliment magnets; they get noticed. So go out and make something old new again.

Birmingham, which was a boom town in the late 19th century through the early 1950s, is flush with these styles and fashions. Estate sales, second–hand clothing stores, yard sales, and thrift stores—all have these hidden gems tucked away on shelves and amid piles of stuff. If you just want the look and price is no object, you can go retro retail and pay top dollar for something new made old again. Or if you want the genuine article but don’t want to spend your days driving and sifting through the rough, Harold&Mod has done this  for you. You can find hundreds of genuine “Vintage Birmingham” articles at future Harold&MOD pop-up-shops. Visit Haroldandmodshop.com for dates and locations.

Models: (Left to Right) Jenni Opal Wells, Kaylor Otwell, and Tim Kortman. Mid Century Modern Dinette with four upholstered chairs and removable leaf, $500. Mid Century Modern assorted plant/record stands, $25. Hollywood Regency sofa, $895. Cylindrical terrarium and white iron stand, $695, available at The Arbor. Antique canvas botanical science scrolls, $175-$325 (based on size). Coral '60s strapless sundress, $58. Green tulle repurposed '60s prom dress, $135. Assorted men’s vintage tailored blazers, $28-$95 (depending on style and brand). Assorted vintage tailored men’s skinny trousers, $25-$50.

1950s Crop Top with Button Down Back, $24. 1970s High Waisted Green Chiffon Trousers, $75. Agate Gem Stone Necklace by Jennifer Gamble Designs, $168. Available at The Arbor

Studded and repurposed by Harold&MOD, Vintage Lizwear sheer blouses. Left: vintage boots. Right: Vintage Ferragamo booties. Vintage high waist Levi jeans

Vintage Levi jeans hand dyed by Harold&MOD, graphica union jack tee and red blazer tailored by Harold&MOD.

Vintage Portable Record Player, $158. 1960’s Asymmetrical Romper, $64 (Elizabeth Taylor was pictured in this same outfit in the 60s). Vintage White Mary Jane’s (shoes), $28

Vintage Boho Gunne Sac Floral Dress with Butterfly Sleeve, $148 (Rachel Zoe would DIE!)

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