Hot Night at Hot & Hot

“At the end of the day Peach Moon Shine never hurts you”- Chris Hastings

by Joe O’Donnell

photography by Jonathan Self

A night to remember

The televisions were turned on in every room, including the tent that covered the patio of Hot and Hot Fish Club on Sunday night. The viewing party for the Iron Chef competition that revealed Chris Hastings’s defeat of Bobby Flay was exciting. The episode had been in the can since July of last year and mum was the word in the months leading up the broadcast. A restaurant full of regular customers, family, and friends cheered every turn of events in the Iron Chef kitchen stadium, from the mistakes on the Bobby Flay team to the moonshine Hastings served to the judges at the end. All in all a great night for Hastings and the city of Birmingham’s place in the culinary world.

Below are some glimpses into the celebration to help you experience for yourself this exciting night for Birmingham, Hot & Hot, Chris Hastings and his family and friends.

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  1. Great photos of a great night. B Metro recognized Team Hastings’ talent from the start, now the nation knows, too!

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