Ian Hoppe

Photography: Kelly Steffey

Creator/Producer: Lindsay Garrett

Production Assistant: Haley Hawkins

Special Thanks to Aaron Greene and The Syndicate Lounge


It seems like Birmingham has found herself a lucky charm in the form of this tall, dark, and handsome guy. He is one of the strongest and intelligent young voices in this city, and his talent is broadcasting to us on a variety of wavelengths. As a writer and developer for one of Alabama’s largest news sources, he brings us some of the most informative (as well as humorous) stories on the sociological, technical, and creative headway of our city. He has a keen eye for developmental opportunities and has been at the forefront of some of our most progressive projects. He is innovating a new database to keep track of the ever-growing talented pool of musicians in the Birmingham area. And as a musician himself, he contributes his magical touch to one of the city’s most exciting acts, celtic folk-punk group Jasper Coal, who just released a new album. He is a creator, an innovator, an informer, and a performer who is proud to call this city his own. Ian Hoppe is Birmingham’s little pot of gold, and that is why we think he is Birmingfamous


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