If the Shoe Fits

So just what shoe are you?

By Heidi Elnora

I once saw a poster with a picture of a glass slipper on it. Under the slipper was the phrase, “You never know how one shoe could change your life. — Cinderella.”

Reading this made me think how true those words really are. So I began to research the term “if the shoe fits.” I found out that this term was first used in the late 18th century. The term “Let those whom the shoe fits wear it” was first published in the New York Gazette & Weekly Mercury, May 1773.

It was well known in the U.S. and Europe by 1773 and may well have been influenced by the Cinderella story, which has a snug-fitting slipper as the primary plot device.

If you think about history and the fairy tale of Cinderella, the phrase “if the shoe fits” makes perfect sense. Poor Cinderella could not afford a dress for the ball, much less some fabulous shoes. Luckily, she had a fairy godmother that was able to whip something up for her.

If it weren’t for that fairy godmother, Cinderella would have been S.O.L when it came to meeting Prince Charming and changing the path of her life forever.

Fortunately for her, this glass slipper only fit her. Other girls tried to make it work so that they could become his princess, but it was in the cards for her fairytale to come true. Imagine if she would have never lost that glass slipper or had that fairy godmother. I highly doubt she would have ever had a chance to meet her prince.

What would happen if that fairy godmother never showed up or if she were able to go to the ball and lost one of her everyday shoes? It would have most likely been a dirty, raggedy one with holes and. honestly, who would have picked that thing up?

It is amazing what a good shoe can do and say for you. Cinderella’s shoe fit, allowing her to become the princess that she was meant to be. Isn’t that true of life?

The type of shoe you wear says a lot about your personality. Take someone who wears TOMS, for instance. TOMS are super-comfy, like house shoes. They are all come from the same pattern but are embellished differently. The person that wears TOMS is a little more chillaxed. They go for trendy yet comfortable. They are probably not one to wear a lot of make-up or even wash their hair everyday. They would probably rather go camping with some friends than go with friends to a cocktail party. If the TOM fits, wear it.

Then there are those who care about fashion, style and status… the girl who wears Christian Louboutin. Christian Louboutins represent high fashion and money. They are tall, and for some reason the red soles make them special and sexy. This person’s goal is to be seen as fashionable and as someone who has the funds to wear $1,000 shoes. This person enjoys going with friends to a cocktail party. She might not be much of a camper. Honestly, you physically can’t go camping in a pair of Christian Louboutins.

People are a lot like the shoes they wear. To me this is why the term, “if the shoe fits” and a pair of shoes really do match up. If you have all of the characteristics of something, you probably are that something. So what shoe are you?

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  1. If the shoe fits where it is correct. But the price has to also fit the shoe owner too.

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